In the spirit of camaraderie, community, and inclusion at LUHFT, the idea of Scouse School was born. The concept was founded by Jo Marinas, Deputy Director of Nursing Workforce Development and Tom Southern, Director of Fundraising at St. Paul’s Eye Research Foundation as they were discussing about the anecdotes and experiences of internationally recruited nurses with Scouse.  

Scouse School is #TeamLUHFT’s way of welcoming our nursing, medics, and AHP colleagues from overseas and providing them with support to facilitate integration in their new workplace. It is also a wonderful assembly that serves as an introduction to their new home away from home. 


The ‘faculty’ is comprised of the Practice Development Nurses, Practice Education Facilitators, and our AHP colleagues who aim to impart knowledge about everything Scouse and provide better understanding of the Scouse culture including important information about Liverpool, LUHFT, and its people. 

The full day programme encompasses learning about Liverpool (history, accents, vocabulary, pop culture, the students’ promising future in Scouseland plus food and drink) and a guided tour from one of the faculty members which allows our attendees an opportunity to explore the city with newly founded peers. 

Overall, Scouse School is not just a day solely dedicated for learning but also a day for enjoyment and fun.