Preparing for an interview can feel daunting, especially if the Trust is unfamiliar to you, but there are some hints and tips to help you:

  • Review the job description. Note examples against each of the requirements to remind you of relevant experiences that you may talk about if asked at interview. 
  • Prepare a mental list of transferrable skills, as you may be asked to describe how you meet the job requirements
  • Review our Trust values, which are available on our website here
  • Research the department you have applied to. Is it a specific ward, for example, and could you describe what they do if asked?
  • Think about questions you may like to ask at the end of the interview, such as how many patients the ward may see in a day
  • Wear smart but comfortable clothing
  • If you’re unfamiliar with the location, do a practice run a few days before your interview. Plan your route including buses, trains and parking. Call the department to find out the exact location as this will reduce your stress on the day.